28 février 2018

Job well-done! Thank you very much :)

Greetings Everyone,

I hope « la rentrée » all happened well and that the weather is still beautiful in Villars.

This is just a quick note to thank you so so much for all the great care and fun you gave Yilan this summer. She had a fabulous time and told us she would like to go back next summer and/or in a few years as a « monitrice. » Job well-done ! Thank you very much 🙂

BTW my apologies for a tardy reply but I did not write to you earlier because I figured you were enjoying a good break in August and then I did not want to bother you during the start of classes.

To give you a bit of other news, she started her new school last week and she seems very happy. She is in French 3 which is typically for eleventh graders but she is a ninth grader. She tells us they all have such a bad accent « it hurts her ears.. » I found that funny. Apparently French spoken badly sounds worse than Chinese spoken badly… « Ouf « … 🙂

Thank you again so much.
All the very best